Moulin Roty

Magical Slate

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ABOUT the product 
You'll want to keep one of these handy. Kids love to draw and then watch how the image magically disappears. Over and over and over. Makes a great toy for journeys, restaurants and travel. 
ABOUT the brand Amazing things happen when communities come together. And for Moulin Roty which is still today run as a co-op, it was 1972 when a group of friends decided to move into a run down mill and make toys. They were idealistic French hippies for whom quality has always mattered. No attention is spared; diverse, sumptuous fabrics and details draw children in to the narratives of Moulin Roty. Each toy belongs to an imaginary universe carefully crafted by some of the worlds best artisans and illustrators, including the reknown comic strip writer Herv Tanquerelle.
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