Memory Game - Nathalie Lete Box

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ABOUT the product

Memory is one the first games toddlers learn to play. It consists of laying pictures face down, each player takes turns turning two pieces over in search of a pair. A good memory helps you match the images quickly. 

Nathalie Lete's gorgeous version of Memory is an impressionistic one and isn't it great for children to see an image of an apple or a dog presented by an artist? Many of the images we're bombarded with today are aseptic symbols, we love presenting to children a different of looking at the same thing.

The set comes presented in a wooden box with sliding lid. There are two sets of 24 pictures. Each card is made of wood (measuring 5.5cm (2 inch) square) with a sweet polka dot backing. This is a game that is great for all ages.

It's a collectors piece and a true keeper for family generations to enjoy.

ABOUT the designers

French toy company Vilac has been making wooden toys in classic, old-world style with contemporary colors and designs since 1911. Vilac toys are unique, never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations. Vilac nourishes children's imaginative play with animated, joyful characters and reinterpretations of classic toys that will stand up to wear and tear.

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