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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • Green Toys to introduce kids to Earth day

    Love for Planet Earth

    Green toys to celebrate Earth Day Introduce children to the wonderful diversity of planet earth.  Happy Earth Day Little Citizens of the World! 1.Girls of the World - £24  2.Ocean Bath Squirters - £12.50   3.Velvet Moon Cushion - £28   4.Clothes Rack - £99   5.World Map...

    posted on April 22 2017

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  • Easter fun for all ages at Cornwall

    The best Easter Egg Hunts in the UK - April 2017

    Easter Egg hunts around the UK. While we are in the process of planning our own Easter egg hunt / birthday party there are also lots of amazing secret bunny parties happening around the country. The National Trust for example organises more...

    posted on April 15 2017

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  • Healthy tips to keep fit and active

    10 Tips for Healthy Families 💪🏼

    Tips from the frontline We interview Tara Magee, physical trainer and sometimes Little Citizens helper! One of our favourite things about Little Citizens is the amazing people who cross our paths. Tara Magee is one the fabulous people who every...

    posted on April 15 2017

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  • newborn and baby toys mums love

    Welcome Spring Babies with Gifts Mums will Love

    At Little Citizens we are loving the influx of cherubic cuteness lately. Sweetly cuddled in their prams or their parents arms these little bundles of joy are paraded into our store. Elated families and friends in tow looking for little...

    posted on April 12 2017

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  • Little citizens favourite toys for world health day

    Happy World Health Day!

      Today is National Health Day serving as a gentle reminder to look after ourselves. Every now and then we need to take a step back and check in on ourselves. With life being so busy we sometimes forget to look...

    posted on April 06 2017

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  • Niki Boon shows us how to have fun without technology through her childrens portrait photography

    Curious Parenting Weekly Digest IV

    THINGS TO DISCUSS OVER SPILLED MILK Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh   1. Mom of 4 Showed What Childhood Is Like Without TV and Gadgets Niki Boon moved from Scotland to rural New Zealand. With hopes to raise her family away from technology....

    posted on April 06 2017

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  • Dollhouse aesthetic inspires the Art World

    I think every little girl played with miniatures growing up. I loved Polly Pocket and couldn't get enough of all the accessories you could buy for her. Not much has changed and kids still love playing with dollhouse figurines and...

    posted on April 04 2017

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  • Moulin Roty Bunny and Mouse Wardrobe for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    Our Bunny & Mouse Wardrobe is the Star gift this Easter!

    Check out this gorgeous edit by the people at Smallish Magazine, thanks so much for including our Little Bunny and Mouse Wardrobe Toy. We are so fond of all things beautiful and can really appreciate an awesome curation. This Easter...

    posted on March 29 2017

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  • 10 Signs You Survived your first year as a mom

    10 Signs You Survived Your First Year as a Mother

    1) You are closer to your own mother than you have ever been Thank the lord for her help buying the baby cot, researching nurseries, babysitting and generally knowing where to help without even exchanging a wink. These days you...

    posted on March 23 2017

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  • New Meri Meri collection in stock now for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    New Meri Meri Spring Arrivals! Absolutely Gorgeous

    Meri Meri is one of our favourite brands-- we are always blown away by the thoughtful elaboration in their designs. They just don't seem to skimp on detail, it's the kind of glitter, perspex, cord, paper or felt, all their...

    posted on March 22 2017

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  • Mother's Day is Everyday-- how Kids Love Moms to the Moon and Back

    Kids ❤ Mothers to the moon and back!

    From all the kids in the world-- Happy Mother's Day! Funny the way people talk about how much they love their kids but rarely do we hear it from the their perspective. Since becoming a mum the greatest gift has...

    posted on March 20 2017

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  • Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids and parents how it rains.

    Answers for Kids ☔ Where does Rain come from?

    Simple ways to answer kid's complex questions Where does Rain come from? Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids (and parents) how it rains. I knew this day would come--when my kid would ask me a...

    posted on March 20 2017

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  • Toys to Inspire Curiosity about Space

    Celestial Edit - Toys that Inspire a Natural Curiosity about Space

    If I wake up in the middle of the night is the sun out?  You can't walk on the moon when it's not full, because you would fall off. Today is yesterday's tomorrow, is that right mum? These are some of...

    posted on March 16 2017

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  • First African American Woman in the Space Station

    Jeanette Epps (that's Dr Epps to you!) is the first African American Woman going to Space! She has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, is an inventor, has worked in the CIA as an Intelligence Officer and now she's an astronaut...

    posted on March 16 2017

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  • St Patrick's Day Edit

    Five Things You May Not Know about St Patricks Day

    An anomaly holiday, St Patrick's Day may have started as a celebration to Ireland's Patron Saint who expelled 'snakes' or converted Irish pagans to Christianity but these days it's one of Ireland's strongest exports celebrated in more countries than any other national...

    posted on March 11 2017

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