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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • 10 Signs You Survived your first year as a mom

    10 Signs You Survived Your First Year as a Mother

    1) You are closer to your own mother than you have ever been Thank the lord for her help buying the baby cot, researching nurseries, babysitting and generally knowing where to help without even exchanging a wink. These days you...

    posted on March 23 2017

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  • New Meri Meri collection in stock now for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    New Meri Meri Spring Arrivals! Absolutely Gorgeous

    Meri Meri is one of our favourite brands-- we are always blown away by the thoughtful elaboration in their designs. They just don't seem to skimp on detail, it's the kind of glitter, perspex, cord, paper or felt, all their...

    posted on March 22 2017

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  • Mother's Day is Everyday-- how Kids Love Moms to the Moon and Back

    Kids ❤ Mothers to the moon and back!

    From all the kids in the world-- Happy Mother's Day! Funny the way people talk about how much they love their kids but rarely do we hear it from the their perspective. Since becoming a mum the greatest gift has...

    posted on March 20 2017

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  • Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids and parents how it rains.

    Answers for Kids ☔ Where does Rain come from?

    Simple ways to answer kid's complex questions Where does Rain come from? Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids (and parents) how it rains. I knew this day would come--when my kid would ask me a...

    posted on March 20 2017

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  • Toys to Inspire Curiosity about Space

    Celestial Edit - Toys that Inspire a Natural Curiosity about Space

    If I wake up in the middle of the night is the sun out?  You can't walk on the moon when it's not full, because you would fall off. Today is yesterday's tomorrow, is that right mum? These are some of...

    posted on March 16 2017

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  • First African American Woman in the Space Station

    Jeanette Epps (that's Dr Epps to you!) is the first African American Woman going to Space! She has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, is an inventor, has worked in the CIA as an Intelligence Officer and now she's an astronaut...

    posted on March 16 2017

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  • St Patrick's Day Edit

    Five Things You May Not Know about St Patricks Day

    An anomaly holiday, St Patrick's Day may have started as a celebration to Ireland's Patron Saint who expelled 'snakes' or converted Irish pagans to Christianity but these days it's one of Ireland's strongest exports celebrated in more countries than any other national...

    posted on March 11 2017

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  • Young at Art ✩ Belfast Children's Festival Starts Tomorrow!

    Young at Art are a local organisation on a mission to bring art to everyone. It is estimated that 1 in 5 children in Northern Ireland are growing up in persistent poverty and, "there is a need for positive groundings in...

    posted on March 09 2017

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  • GIRL POWER - International Women's Day Paving The Way

      Here's an insightful video about the lack of female role models in the world today. If research tells us that girls already start kindergarten with less confidence then boys then this is not okay. Rebel Girls are a cool...

    posted on March 08 2017

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  • MEET the DESIGNER Bethany Koby of Tech Will Save Us STEAM toys

    MEET the DESIGNER - Bethany Koby of Tech Will Save Us

    Introducing Bethany Koby co-founder of the coolest new tech toy company Tech Will Save Us. There aren't that many tech toys on the market really but it's a booming space or about to go kaboom. Everyone wants a piece of...

    posted on March 08 2017

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  • Kids Today on What We Used to Love

    What Kids Think Check out these hilarious reactions from kids when they listen to Guns N' Roses for the first time. There is something so sweet about seeing it through a modern kiddie filter. Sure GNR was my first tape!...

    posted on March 05 2017

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  • Yoyomom blog includes Little Citizens Boutique in their edit

    Glitter Rainbow Tape, Need I say More?

    We so admire Jaimee & Claire over at Yoyo Mom blog for their epic taste and ability to search things out and put things together. For the busy peops amongst us this is a really big help. Thank you. Below...

    posted on February 28 2017

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  • Zulema gets her ears pierced, cultural differences in child accepted practices

    To Pierce or Not to Pierce Your Ears

    When are you old enough to get your ears pierced? Zulema, age 7, moments after getting her ears pierced, feeling very excited!  It turns out people feel very differently about Piercing Ears depending on what culture they've grown up in....

    posted on February 27 2017

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  • Pretend and make believe toys that help children develop Symbolic Play

    How to Play with Your Kids

    On the one hand this may sound obvious maybe even slightly offensive I mean we all know how to play, right? On the other hand what do you feel when your kid asks you to play? Eeek, no! It is amazing...

    posted on February 25 2017

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  • Moomin Land Exhibition at Southbank in London

    MOOMINS AT THE SOUTHBANK in LONDON Moominpappa, Moominmamma, little Moomintroll, Moomin who? If you aren't familiar with the Moomins, a genius imaginary land illustrated by Tove Jansson then have a watch below. This is one of our top recommendation of things to...

    posted on February 03 2017

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