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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • Mothering Around the World

    Mothering Around the World

    What are some of the cultural differences when it comes to bringing up a baby? We look at how the culture of motherhood changes from country to country. Imagine a world where you are encouraged to eat sushi while you...

    posted on July 21 2017

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  • Party bags have now arrived at little citizens!

    We've been told we make the best Party Bags!

      P A R T Y  B A G S ! ! ! Order fabulous goody bags for your kids party, weddings or to keep the little ones busy during long flights or car journeys. You will be amazed with this little bag...

    posted on July 20 2017

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  • Cool Tween Gifts Best Rated

    Shock Your Tweens with Knowledge

    Are Tweens Hard to Buy For? Overheard in store-- tweens are hard to buy for, they only want money. They play video games and are on their phone all day. We think Tweens still love to play, but you need...

    posted on July 19 2017

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  • Mel Ham and her three gorgeous daughters talking about how to photograph children

    Advice from the Frontline - Mel Ham How to Photograph Your Children

    How did you discover your passion for photography? When I was growing up, my father had a Cine film recording system and was always making classic home movies and recording holidays etc where we would watch them back and laugh/cringe...

    posted on July 10 2017

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  • little citizens under the sea

    Under the Sea Darling it's Better Down Where it's Wetter

    Here's a list of some our best underwater toys or simply sea inspired toys for summer fun.   Sun, sea and adventure. That's where my mind goes when I think of Summer. Oh that and BBQ's! It is our job...

    posted on July 07 2017

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  • Curious Parenting Weekly Digest VI

    THINGS TO DISCUSS OVER SPILLED MILK Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh 1.The Worst Reason to Homeschool This article about homeschooling tackles the fear parents have of public schools and how this shouldn't be used as a...

    posted on July 07 2017

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  • Free Gift by amazing design Aine O'Hagan for first 15 orders

    Free £13 gift for first 15 orders- GO!

    What is it? We're not telling, a surprise that is worth £13!We're celebrating the loveliest customers while we support the work of one of our own designers Aine O'Hagan! Simply because we love her, we love you and we love making introductions. ...

    posted on July 05 2017

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  • Best Toys for a Three Year Old

    What to Buy a Three Year Old Toy Guide  Matching the right toys to the development stage of a three year old is no easy feat. In this blog series Sarah Sutcliffe, former childminder, mother of three and LCB staff...

    posted on July 01 2017

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  • Charlemagne Palestine art exhibit of teddy bears at the Jewish Museum in NYC

    The Invention of a Teddy Bear & The Art of Toys

    Noah's Arc full of plush and other Cool Installations at the Jewish Museum in New York What a wonderful exhibit to take the kids to this summer! For our friends in or near New York City, check our Charlemagne Palestine's...

    posted on June 30 2017

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  • Make a Splash with New Goggles by Bling2o

    posted on June 26 2017

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  • Creating a landscape for Cuddlebots by Hexbugs to Roam

    We have always loved Hexbug toys, they squirm and move and are totally awesome. We are in awe of their technology and design. The newest version can climb up tubes and turn themselves over. Like. Whoa. Makes you wonder where this...

    posted on June 23 2017

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  • Thank you teacher with this card available as a free Download

    FREE Thank You Teacher Card ✏️ Download & Print

    Teachers are nearly 100% of the time the best!  We are in total admiration of their dedication and patience and when they inspire us they have the potential to change the course of our lives. Say thanks this end of the year...

    posted on June 22 2017

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  • Worry Eaters Donation to Syrian Refugees

    Help Donate a Worry Eater to a Syrian Refugee

    Little Citizens along with Emma Tolland: Friends Of Syrian Refugees are collaborating on bringing Worry Eater dolls to Syrian Refugee Children. We need your help! Can you buy a Worry Eater doll to welcome a Syrian child to their new...

    posted on June 22 2017

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  • Teacher Gifts

    Teacher Gifts They Will Actually Want

    How do we say thank you to a favourite teacher?  To this day there are the words and actions of teachers from my childhood that I remember with such gratitude. Teachers have the potential to form us and our children....

    posted on June 21 2017

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  • Magna tiles at little citizens

    New Ways to Build with Magna Tiles Polygon and Car Expansion Sets

    Everyone's favourite building toy, Magna Tiles brings out Two New Expansion Sets. Magna Tiles are a lot like legos except the only guide to building is your imagination. Yeay for open ended free play! Children don't tire of open play, because their...

    posted on June 20 2017

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