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10 Tips for Healthy Families 💪🏼

posted on April 15 2017

Tips from the frontline

We interview Tara Magee, physical trainer and sometimes Little Citizens helper!

One of our favourite things about Little Citizens is the amazing people who cross our paths. Tara Magee is one the fabulous people who every now and then come in to help us look after the shop. But her real calling is her work as a trainer. We are so inspired about her healthy outlook in life. She's open and in love and constantly learning. We asked her to share with us a little about who she is and what she knows about staying healthy!

I am a level 3 Personal Trainer based in Holywood Motiv8 Studio, I previously worked at Virgin Active in Holywood also. I have been in this amazing career for over three years and the most rewarding thing for me is when I see not only physical improvements in my clients but also how mentally strong they become. I have found that this helps with all areas in a persons life including their work, relationships and generally how happy they are. I believe it is important to push past your limits and get out of your comfort zone, sure you only live once! 

Tara shares her healthy tips on how to stay active

With summer time just around the corner everyone is thinking about getting fit and having more energy; so here are some of my lifestyle tips for families so we can all feel good this summer!

Staying hydrated is so important for good health
1. Encourage each other to drink plenty of water throughout the day (at least 2litres) as this reduces your appetite and has many health benefits such as; 
Relieves fatigue, improves mood, flushes out toxins.
Shop our cute little flasks to make stay hydrated fun: 
Helen Dardik water bottle with fox illustration to stay hydratedHelen Dardik water bottle with hedgehog illustration to stay hydrated
Food shopping while hungry can lead to shopping mistakes
2. Avoid doing food shops when you are hungry; this way you are less likely to choose the high sugary/ high fat foods and make more healthy choices.
Some of our special products to help you shop healthy:
Leak proof lunchbox with compartments for portion controlMunchkin spoons are great for food on the go
3. If you feel yourself craving goodies or unhealthy food do a little workout/ go to the gym or simply go for a brisk walk and you will feel full of energy and the cravings will go away.
Our outdoor games and toys are great to stay active: 
Wooden trike to keep kids active Outdoor game set to keep active and healthy
Avoid eating late at night the stay healthy
4. Avoid eating past 8pm, this is the time when your metabolism slows down and you are more likely to put on weight from eating at night- eat regularly throughout the day to avoid hunger in the evenings and stay hydrated.
Stay on time with our easy to read watches: 
Black ink time watch to stay on top of your fitnessWhite Blink Time watch to stay on top of your activities
5. Keep it lean and clean!
portion control is a great way to keep healthy
6. Be aware of portion sizes- once you feel full stop- think of food as energy as opposed to comfort.
healthy breakfast is a great way to start the day
7. Bake some healthy snacks to enjoy as a family- for example breakfast bars using oats, nuts, seeds and honey.
8. Try using coconut oil either with frying or baking, it speeds up your metabolism, it is a great quality oil and it is amazing for your hair, skin and nails. Can also be used as a moisturiser.
stay active for 30 minutes to improve your health
9. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day whether that is going to the gym, walking, or any type of aerobic exercise to get the heart pumping and reduce your risk of illnesses and diseases.
We have the Mover in stock, which is a Fitbit for kids, that will help keep your little ones active:
Mover fitbit to keep kids active and stylish
10. For fun, quick and healthy food recipes check out Leanin15 by Joe Wicks online and see that healthy food can actually taste great! 

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