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10 Signs You Survived Your First Year as a Mother

posted on March 23 2017

10 Signs You Survived your first year as a mom

1) You are closer to your own mother than you have ever been

Thank the lord for her help buying the baby cot, researching nurseries, babysitting and generally knowing where to help without even exchanging a wink. These days you run your fingers through your child's hair and can't avoid thinking about the circle of life, while you remember your mum doing the same not long ago. Thank you mothers of the world.

2) Alone time has never felt this good

You are trying to claw back some alone time and hysterically laugh with your girlfriends about how much you actually need this. I saw a genius comic recently of a woman splayed out on her bed in ecstasy with a speech bubble over her that says, "Me time is the new sex time."

3) You feel like saying Welcome to the Club to every new parent you see

In a sophomoric way, you see parents of newborns and can't help giving them a knowing smile. Quick to share you can't help spilling all the tips you feel you wish you'd known when your baby was born. 

4) Taking public transport is weirdly nice again

It's forced downtime, you might actually have time to read! Don't forget to pack your favourite magazine or dare I say book. Not sure concentration is there yet, but you can try. Ahh the pleasures of reading without interruption. Even if yours is the next stop, soak it up. 

5) Your empathy muscle is well and truly strengthened

Never has it been as clear: we are all different. There is no singular right way to do things. There is no universal truth except that there is no universal truth. You feel empathy for strangers on the street, stories you hear, movie characters, dang even people in commercials. You are a sap, admit it, and can't help but dream of how different the world would be if it was led by mothers.

6) You are addicted to taking pictures and sharing on SM.

Your Instagram feed is full of adorable children and momma bloggers who live such interesting lives. You try very hard not to compare yourself but still signed up to a How to take Better pictures online webinar and can't help sharing your images. 

7) And now your Facebook Profile Picture is of your Child

You've committed the ultimate faux pas, that thing you said you would never do. You changed your profile picture to a picture of your kid. You can't help it. They're so cute AND they get so many more likes. 

8) Your wonder how you EVER lived without Wet Wipes?

I mean they are THE most useful little cloth for little sticky fingers but also superb at getting spit, vomit, tomato sauce off your jumper. Genius. 

9) When your baby is crying you no longer think they might die. 

A baby's cry is scientifically proven to trigger a fight or flight response in his and her mum, husbands need not apply. What is it with them? For a mother her baby's cries are deep primal emergency calls that make her drop everything and bring out her inner warrior. At the beginning it was a little scary, disconcerting, panic inducing questioning like why are they crying? Will they be okay? How can I make them stop? And do I need to take them to the hospital? It's all a little bit easier now.

10) You are well and truly ready for toddlerhood, well sort of.

Your little one is pulling themselves up or perhaps soon taking their first steps. Soon they'll be exploring the world around them. Prep them with some foundational toys and yourself with some great supplies, take a deep breath, enjoy their little mischief and build some time in your frantic schedule for yourself. Who? Yup this second year of their little life is a perfect one to aim for a little more balance between your needs and everyone else. Take up basket weaving or perfect your superfood bowl, and don't feel guilty! 


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