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Goldie Blox vs. The Beastie Boys

posted on November 27 2013

Like a weird plot twist, Goldie Blox is suing the Beastie Boys. Turns out the Beastie Boys questioned the use of their song in the ad. Goldie Blox sued them.

Love Goldieblox and the message, especially the idea of “disrupting the pink aisle” but a huge part of why that ad is successful –aside from the amazing kinetic structure- is because the soundtrack taps into a deep rooted muscle memory of our own youth as parents.

Huge credit to the Beastie Boys and for their credo that their music shouldn’t be used to ‘sell’ anything.

Sadly I think Goldie Blox’s message is now a bit obscured, they come out looking like a Silicon Valley start-up with a clever legal team. The founder in her hunger to tap into consumers psyche avoided doing the right thing and there’s a loss of heart in that.


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