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Pippi Longstocking is the best Role Model for Kids

posted on March 05 2016

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Pippi Longstocking: A ROLE MODEL FOR KIDS

Astrid Lindgren the author of Pippi Longstocking was fond of saying, "Give children love. More love. And still more love – and the common sense will come by itself." Her original novel Pippi Longstocking dates back to 1945 but the moral of the story hasn't dated one bit. If anything it is due a massive revival.

Sure Pippi lives on her own, has no table manners and can't read because she hates school, but she's got a pet monkey and her dad is Captain's a Pirate ship called Hoppetossa.

Pippi Longstocking is beloved by generation and after generation because she is the best teacher when it comes to play. Her stories are all about breaking the boundaries for our imaginations to roam. Pippi is so confident in her unusual way of life that she is the best role model for kid's to be comfortable in their own skin. 

She's so strong she can lift her horse over her head, sleeps hanging upside down and makes pancakes for breakfast every morning. She's a fictional character of course. All of this is part of her magic as she inspires a love for fantasy and mischief

To celebrate Pippi's magical tales, we carry this great range of toys by Swedish brand Micki. These are exceptionally well made, the detail and durability is super. All made in Sweden. Have a look here:

Pippi Longstocking Play Dollhouse with Figurines

Too often these days, characters in children stories feel they need to be adult-like responsible in order to be role models, even the language is repeatedly injected with adult humour. I feel like they're really out of touch with the way kid's play.

Pippi gets it better than anyone. Kid's aren't responsible adults. So in their imagination and world's of play, they don't have to follow silly life rules. Those rules belong to adults. They can make their own laws when it come to gravity and physics, in a child's world the idea of shrinking a parent and putting them in your pocket is actually quite funny. Because why not?

Hoppetossa Pippi Longstocking's father ship, captain of the pirate ship. Toys for sale.

Present a child with an absurd concept and you might touch the deepest part of their soul. Growing up is a hard thing to do, the limitless potential you see as a child starts to narrow. Most children are limitless and Pippi allows us to enjoy breaking conventional rules in the name of fun, individuality and accepting yourself. Because when you look at life through fresh eyes, it takes on the meaning you project onto it. Let's make the life want for ourselves.

At Little Citizens Boutique we think it would be great to see a revival of Pippi, creatively crafted in film by someone as brilliant as Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. Directors of two of my favourite films of all time Delicatessen and La Cité des enfants perdu.

Here's a flavour of the vintage Pippi film Taka Tuka Land:

"Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination."

Astrid Lindgren

Thank you to the genius of Astrid and Pippi to wonderful female role models to inspire boys and girls of all ages. 

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