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How to get your kid's to eat healthy

posted on April 06 2016

Introducing the Yumbox Bento Box

This little lunch box changed my life. No. Joke.

Yumbox Bento Box for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

When my daughter decided she wanted to bring a lunch to school, all I could think of was soggy sandwiches and a bag of crisps. This little Bento lunch box has inspired me to send in pasta, rice, vegetables and all kind's of less sandwich like foods to transport.

It's sleek and fits at the bottom of most backpacks. It's also leakproof and compartmentalised which means you can put a dollop of hummus beside the carrot sticks or yogurt and honey beside the roasted sweet potato and everything stays comfortably in place.

I love how each compartment reminds you of the food groups: Grains, Protein, Fruit, Dairy, Veggies... Just the nature of the design forces me to be creative and um, in this little space: some popcorn. Also because it's not gigantic it's a great way to be mindful of portion size. 

I've always seen packing a lunch as real chore. I am probably a child of fast food and convenience but with this Bento lunch box I have discovered breadth and depth on the go. I am really proud that my daughter's gets a well balanced meal. So much so that I've started bringing my lunch to work in one.  

If you want ideas there's a gazillion on Pinterest, you could even go the route of 'cute' food like this:

Cute food ideas for Yumbox Bento for sale at Little CitizensCute food ideas for Yumbox Bento for sale at Little CitizensCute food ideas for Yumbox Bento for sale at Little CitizensCute food ideas for Yumbox Bento for sale at Little Citizens

Here's a great how to cut sandwiches in the shape of teddy's by the great ladies at Alpha Mom.

Or like me, you could just compile the lunch from what's in your pantry, usually in a rush. Here's some pictures of actual lunches that I have packed:

Yumbox Bento Lunch Box for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

I am so proud to see variety of colour and nutrition in my daughter's diet, can you tell? Eat all the colours in the rainbow I tell her. 

The Yumbox box comes in a variety of colours, have a look here... some with glow in the dark stars. In case you want to eat it in the dark?

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