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Refinery29 features Little Citizens Boutique!!!!!

posted on April 14 2016

It's like our favourite website. So to be featured is a sweet, sweet joy. We're so excited. No matter that it's only our Holy Guacamole card. It's our Holy Guacamole card! So what? We're in position 29. Even if we were the last item on a list of 229 top interior decorating ideas, we wouldn't care. It's Refinery29. Get it? We are beyond delighted. Thank you Angela Tofaya. We throwing a Guacamole party in your honour, drinking a Michelada too. 

Refinery29 features Little Citizens Boutique greeting cards.

"Because we're already counting the days until Cinco De Mayo."


Shop Guac card here.

Cinco de Mayo Guacamole Little Citizens card feature on Refinery29

Refinery29 features Little Citizens Boutique guacamole greeting card

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