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Curious PARENTING a weekly digest

posted on June 11 2016



Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh
The KonMari method dictates the separation of belongings into categories, great New York article on Little Citizens Boutique
How to apply the KonMari method to tidying with baby where the line blurs. "Is a Moby wrap clothing, or a noose?" courtesy of The New Yorker. IMPORTANT: Little Citizens Boutique in no way endorses the folding of babies. 



Mom and daughter sticking their tongue out
Are you a playful parent? How you can turn getting things done into a game and well get things done. A light-hearted look at ways to slow down and live in the moment.



Second Life Plush animals help bring awareness for the need for organ donation
Too many people are left waiting for organs. Second Life is a Japanese organisation that uses plush animal donation to highlight this deficit. They are so cute and come in really handy when it's time to talk to children about this amazing subject.



The Awakened Family new parenting ideas on Little Citizens Boutique
Shifting the paradigm away from children achievement to a more ordinary childhood. Shake off our parental anxieties and just "raise them, love them and connect". It's better for them in the end.



Foster an environment where kids can ask questions.
Some top tips on raising inquisitive children. Encourage questions, get them to do the asking who knows where it might lead? Kids are curious by nature, the trick is keeping them that way.



The Theory of Loose Parts on Little Citizens Boutique
Heard of the Theory of Loose Parts? Not a hoovering nightmare we promise - instead it's the epitomy of free, creative and open ended play. Tinkering, imagining and making. Now we're talking! 



The Genius of Toddlerhood at Little Citizens Boutique
In the day to day rush it's all too easy to expect little one's to see things as we do. So when they etch a cute little drawing of Mummy and Daddy into the bonnet of your Mercedes Benz, here's a little guide on how to try to see it from their perspective. However hard that might be. 



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