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iPhone 5 Animal Covers

posted on February 26 2014

To give a kid a phone or not to, that is the question. 

Whatever you decide (and there is no judgement here) we've got the perfect crash helmet for that slippery new iPhone 5. It seems silly that such a high tech expensive piece of equipment can be designed like a bar of soap and require a silicone apparatus to protect it #makesnosense but alas ever since becoming a mom I know it is a requirement. These things will fall onto the ground and the cheap plastic will save you in the end. 

So we're sourced some super cute animal figure phone covers for your tween or for the kid inside you!

And thanks to the amazing Leonora Bamford at My Baba for picking them out in a little editorial piece. Which we have copied here. 

Now the only question is which one to go for!


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