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Mr Printables - have fun and make things!

posted on March 03 2014

Imagine a resource of gorgeous cards, games and craft projects. All for free, all designed with the utmost attention to detail, i.e., I am not talking your typical e-card here. More discerning Swedish design that your kids will love, because it is their crazy inventive ways that allow you to achieve a lot with a little. And that is incredibly satisfying.

I'm talking about Mr Printables

We are proudly sponsoring a little banner on the site because this is one of those places on the internet that is such a treat, designed by the very talented Olive and her team. It invites you to get lost in the folds, like Alice in Wonderland I fall into their world. I spend hours combing through the craft ideas and reading through the blog, dizzy with inspiration.  

All you have to do is download and print the tutorials. Oh yea and you'll need glue and scissors because the virtual kind hasn't been invented (yet). Here are a << 3 >> projects I would love to sink my teeth into:
I know. Crazy good, huh?



Pop up Party Invitation

Imagine the excitement when you get one of these through the post!




Make your own dollhouse

I just love this one with all my heart!




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