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The World's Most Inventive Fun Chef Award goes to Dominique Ansel

posted on March 17 2014

Little Citizens Boutique awards creative Chef Dominique Ansel

First he invented the Cronut, half croissant and half, yes you guessed it donut. Now he's come up with the Milk Cookie Shot.

The Cronut sounds yum. Even if a little like the old standby, the Cruller. Still it was a stroke of storytelling and baking genius and it makes me want to get on a plane straight to Spring Street in Manhattan and try one! And to think that only a couple of years ago, my office was on Spring Street.

Now Mr Ansel has launched the Milk Cookie Shot which just defies the anything ever seen with these eyes up until now category. It's a cup, it's a cookie and it holds a shot of vanilla infused warm milk. They say the trick was getting the chocolate not to melt. For us too far to have a go, here's a review of how it tastes. 

Little Citizens Boutique sent Mr Ansel a wee Gift Card, we think he deserves it for his creative contributions to the world we live in. We'll let you know if he orders anything from us! But more than the material goods, it's a virtual award, a happy high five on behalf of us and all the little people we know, we love how fun you make your food! Keep on inventing and we'll be there soon to visit in person.

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