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Big Kids Room ❤ Decor Inspiration

posted on March 20 2014

World renown illustrator Marc Boutavant says that his style was influenced by the wallpaper in his room as a child. This is proof that decor does matter and giving it some thought is a good thing. 

How to decorate your kids room?


1. Put your own stamp on it, make it personal, think of the colours and styles that you and your kids most love to look at.

2. Give them something to look at on their walls, trying hanging one of these mobiles from the ceiling.

3. Think textures, kids love to run their fingers through things, that indescribable feeling that is touch has a huge impact on our memories.

4. And don't shy away from bright colours, they bring optimism and energy to your everyday.

5. Make sure to inject plenty of your own ideas and personal touches, family photos and your kids artwork for example is so nice to have around. 

6. What about designing a moveable wall. By rigging a garland with clothes pins, you can hang this week's class project and next week a behavioural chart!

Below a few of our favourite things:


1. We love the way this Poster Majas Circus celebrates the circus with a retro palette of colour, it's sure to add depth to any wall. 2. The Soft & Gentle Collage is a craft kid for kids 3-6 years of age, the images you come up with are so cute, you'll want to frame them and you'll love seeing your kid fill up with pride when you do. 3. Use a bunting like this Superhero one by Djeco to hang your kid's artwork from. 4. There is something about pull along toys, they are friends for life. Bring Frizzy into your family fold and your kid will thank you for it. 5. When it's time to read books, you want to get nice and cosy. These pillows by Moulin Roty are such a treat, so nice to the touch. Choose the Double Antelope & Monkey Pillow or the 6. Lion Cushion. 7. Cute and sweet, this Bunny Night Light is adorable and lastly 8. the Lapin & Me Bunny Night Light a total score if you want a celebrate with a little vintage touch.


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