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A Memorable Baby Shower Gift

posted on April 15 2014

One of my all time favourite presents at my baby shower was a pack of Trumpette socks. At the time they just looked so tiny, like doll house proportions in a sweet little box, that I could not imagine having a little creature that size. Months went by and well, my world totally turned upside down. I had this tiny six pound bundle that needed protecting and dressing. Oi vei, how to dress a baby, that was a big learning curve! What looks cute? What looks over the top? What is comfy? What actually works... it was hard enough dressing myself :-)

But when it came time to protect and cover those little baby feet, these guys beat out every other sock in the drawer hands down. They actually stay on. But they also look super nice on. The fact that they're designed to look like shoes means that you can forego a shoe and still feel like your baby's outfit is complete. The Mary Jane style is so adorable and creates the illusions that they're wearing little plimsoles. Your baby is now ready to face the day and all their adoring fans. All babies have adoring fans.

For all these reasons, this was one of my favourite Baby Presents Eva!

Please note we're all sold out of Trumpette socks but have a look at our new favourite brand of baby socks and prepare to swoon, Petites Pattes!


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