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Alphabet Days

posted on May 31 2014

Arrêt! Everything you know today you learned as a child. 

I say this to myself when my daughter starts whining, how do I spell daddy's naaaaaame?! I'm trying to finish a riveting article (HuffPost Parents do these so well), this one is about how a husband and wife gave up on sex and it was the best thing they could have done for their marriage. There's a twist, of course. I'll say no more. Read it.

When my daughter's question starts repeating in my ear... how many times has she asked me three maybe four times now? I force myself to lift my gaze and listen and it takes as much effort as the last 10 sit ups in a set of one hundred.

There she is pen in hand scribbling shapes that look like letters, some right and lots well, not. My daughter's love for letters is explosive, she craves learning letters. When her teacher said she'd start getting homework, she said with so much hope and excitement, "maybe it'll be letters!". So I sit with her for a while and work through the shapes in the names of her favourite people and the sounds. 

It's such an exciting time to imagine the world of letters unfolding before her, she knows that soon she'll be able to read signs and books. The anticipation floors her and its contagious. So I was so excited to find this project on Apartment Therapy, an Alphabet Shadow Box. Love the idea of hunting down and collecting small objects, one for each letter. We might try for two items for each letter, one in English and one in Spanish.

We've already got K for Kazoo, right here in my shop. Luckily that one's the same in English and Spanish. Happy Alphabet hunting everyone!


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