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World Cup (Face Paint) Fever!

posted on June 19 2014

Who are you rooting for?

I was in Argentina when we won the World Cup in 1986, it was amazing. Once you live through something like that, you become a life long fan. During the game my brother and I folded paper airplanes and filled up a bin bag with them. I remember stepping onto the balcony, we lived on the 9th floor and you could see over the top of buildings across the brighbourhood, there wasn't a soul on the streets. You could hear the TV buzz around the city and the faint echo of the commentators remarks. Unforgettable was the emotion Andres Cantor, commentator at the time, used when he screamed out Goal. He elongated the Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaal! Hear it here.

Then suddenly the city erupted in a victorious roar, people spilled out onto the streets and people honked their horns with cheer. Into the sky we threw our paper airplanes and it filled up like confetti as far as the horizon can see. The connectivity you feel on a night like that is indescribable, it still gives me goose bumps.

To say that I am more excited than usual this month is an understatement. My team, Argentina has a lot to live up to, sports columnists everywhere give them a high chance of winning. This we all know can sometimes be a curse. So around my house it's all about getting ready for Saturday when Argentina play next. I love that it's a family activity, Skyping with my parents to watch the game and teaching chants like Vamos Vamos Argentina to my daughter, she's really into it, a small football fan in the making!

We tested out these amazing new Pastel Gels by Djeco, I love that they are non-toxic and contrary to a lot of auspicious face paint on the market, they glide on so easily. The colours are bright and the texture is smooth, plus you can dip them in water to play around with pigment and texture. So cool. I highly recommend these for football fans and otherwise ;-) around your parts. 

For those of you yet to get into the spirit, it's also a great time to introduce kids to politics, geography, flags and even food from around the world. Pull out a map and show kids where the teams come from. The sports pages are flooded with features about the trials and tribulations of the competitors.

Did you know that out of the entire Bosnia Herzegovina team only one member grew up in the country? The recent war meant most of the other players grew up elsewhere so when the national anthem of the newly sovereign and first Bosnian football team was playing the emotion in those players faces was palpable.   


I think many of us can attribute learning about a country's colours and flag through watching sport. So it's a great time to print out this world flag bunting. Made by the awesome peeps at Mr Printables, it's easy and makes for a great decoration, along with your face paint of course!



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