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How to grow your bangs, gracefully.

posted on August 05 2014

Around these parts we've been desperately trying to tame our outgrown bangs, both mom and daughter. We're going through that awkward stage, where we can't see. I am tempted to get the scissors out but we've come this far, so I'm going to try to hold off. So it has to be swept up and away somehow gracefully, we've tried hairbands and clips. This clip has been firmly holding back the fawning fringe for some time now. I love how it's gritty teeth really hold my thick hair in place. Actually I can recommend everything by Hello Shiso, her accessories are SO well made. I've left her clips in my pocket, they've been through the washing machine and come out like new!

But it was actually Zulema's fascination with braids and the memory of a really great hairstyle she wore home from nursery one day that got me started on this bolder solution. By all means I've got a long way to go in perfecting the technique but these French braids that weave the short hair into the long are a great short term fix.

The beautiful thing about this weaving technique is that it gives me a taste of what it'll be like when my hair really has grown out! Kind of like the opposite of extensions no? And it makes Zulema feel pretty, which is a bonus!

Just make sure you use narrow elastic bands at the end, we recommend this gorgeous ones by the amazing Hello Shiso. The Rainbow Pack is so sweet and simple, plus kids can wear them as bracelets, they are that pretty. And the Tulip Ponytail Holders, well they're just like wearing a piece of art! Of course you could always wear a hat!

Here's a great little write up by the smart people at POPSUGAR with 11 easy hairdos, excellent resource for back to school!


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