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Love your homework - SCHOOL SUPPLIES

posted on August 16 2014

School bags, art supplies and more! Make going back to school fun with inspiring art supplies by Djeco and supplemental learning toys and games.


Do you know a little artist in the making?! 

You can't find a better colour spectrum than Djeco's palette and their amazing intensity the colours are gorgeous deep and rich. They are a delight for adults and kids alike, we dare you not to make some art! 

Plus they last, tried and tested at my house... I've never seen them dry out! My daughter says it's like walking into a rainbow.

1. 36 Gouaches Watercolours £10 (app USD$15), 
2. Two Tipped Felt Pens - Blue Set £10 (app USD$15), 3. Two Tipped Felt Pens - Pink Set £10 (app USD$15), 4. Gouaches Bottles - Set of 12 £12 (app USD$18) 5. Watercolour Coloured Pencils £6 (app USD$9) and
6. Double Ended Chunky Crayons $4.50 (app USD$6.50)  


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