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Make your own Halloween

posted on October 08 2014



Now I am not saying that we should knit baby jumpers for your Jack O'lantern, but with a little planning we can transform an off the shelf costume into an original creation. In this way hit a little personal bullseye. Yes!

When it comes to getting dressed up, the best costumes allow you to try on different sides of yourself. It's fun to explore in this way. Reach into the dress up chest, search the back of your drawers and put together something unusual because at Halloween anything goes!

There are two tools one should never be without: 1) face/body/war paint and 2) glitter (because you can).

These gels by Djeco are truly worth it, the colours are so luscious and they just glide on making it really easy to apply. 



Last year I started off with a plain black witches hat for Zulema. All she wanted to be was a princess. A princess costume on its own didn't feel Halloween-y enough. So we went for a Princess-Witch. One easy way to get original is merge two ideas, the minotaur of costumes. So onto the hat the princess theme had to go and this is when we reached for the glitter. 

Then I got lucky and found a black fleece tunic sewn by a more crafty mum or gran than me. Onto that, I patched an old sequence cat mask, the flimsy ones sold for masquerade balls. And then I decorated her broomstick. The grand finale was the face paint --kind of like blue eye shadow-- I feel like you can never have enough. 




It may not be the BEST costume in the world but it's ours and that was good enough for me.

Start with one item and build your idea from there. These face masks make a great starting point :-)





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