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One Day Young

posted on March 11 2015

Sometimes I look into my five years old's face and I remember the first time I saw it. The day she was born, her face was scrunched up and covered in fuzz, plump, warm and glowing. I have a photo -thank goodness- that I took of her lying on my chest and it's probably my favourite photo of all time. 

That's why I am delighted to come across this book by photographer Jenny Lewis. One Day Young is a collection of portraits of women and their newborns. In these pictures you can feel the awesome emotion of what's just happened.

This is a personal project for Jenny who is known internationally for her celebrity portraits featured on the cover with the likes of Thandie Newton and Peter Blake to working with the Beastie Boys in New York. Jenny continues to work for her editorial clients but is spending more time on personal work such her current exploration of Hackney Studios and their creatives. She is based in Hackney, London and takes lots of inspiration from the community in which she lives.

About Hoxton Mini Press

This independent publishing company is a gem. Hoxton Mini Press make gorgeous quirky and interesting collectable art books about East London. They work with a range of photographers, artists and writers to create edgy but elegant books that celebrate the character of London’s most exciting neighbourhood. They believe that books should be beautiful: as more information becomes virtual the physical book is an object to cherish, collect and share.

Jenny Lewis' book One Day Young is published on 12th March 2015. 

£12.95 Standard Hardback Edition. 

£45 Collector’s Edition with limited edition print and signed by artist 

(what a perfect mother's day present this would make!) 


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