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Top Toy Predictions for Christmas 2015

posted on October 24 2015

Some parents let their kid's pick what they want for Christmas but over at Little Citizens we wonder where the kids get their ideas from. And when we asked a few parents, they told us: TV commercials. There's a couple of problems with that 1) commercials are expensive and in this way available to big companies with deep pockets, possibly the makers of the best toys on the market and possibly not 2) surely all parents have some life wisdom they'd like to pass on to their kids and one way to do this is to bring toys into your home. Toys become tools to tell stories and engage in ways that matter to every family.

So we've pulled together our slightly more independent guide of Top Toys. Here are our predictions for bestselling gifts this Christmas and Hannukah Season. We picked them for their brilliant design, originality and ability to bring generations together. Because when a granny plays with a baby, she passes something on. A memory is planted and a love for heritage is born.

We're passionate about toys that have your kid's best interest at heart. This edit of twelve toys is pure passion, mopinion really --um that's short for mom opinion-- and has not been sponsored by any toy companies. 

Top Toy Predictions for Christmas and Hannukah 2015 by Little Citizens Boutique

1. Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse, £92 (US$137) 2. Musical Accordion Instrument, £35 (US$52) 3. Wishbone Recycled 3 in 1 Balance Trike and Bike, £190 (US$270) 4. Moulin Roty Wooden Stove, £140 (US$210) 5. Fawn Snow Globe Night Light £36 (US$54) 6. Igloo Three Layer Wooden Puzzle, £16 (US$24) 7. Popipop Teepee by Moulin Roty £154 (US$229) 8. Maia Doll by Moulin Roty, £39 (US$58) 9. Animal Cube Puzzle £18.50 (US$27.25) 10. Shopkins Plush Toys, £8 (US$12) each 11. Hovercraft Drone Target Game £20 (US$30) 12. Storybook Torch £12.50 (US$21.00)

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