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Hello Shiso & Coqenpate MIBO arrive in store!

posted on August 20 2012

Bonjour, Allo, Hello! Little Citizens is just over two months, we've been around only for a short while but we're growing and so excited to see some great new brands coming in. 

Drum rolls please, introducing some great new gear to help you get ready for fall, eek it's just around the corner.

Coqenpate Mibo

This Anglo-Franco collaboration has an amazing graphic quality and really taps into kid's festive spirit. The french style canvas ruck sacks (£29) (€37) ($33.50) are adorable and great for taking to nursery or school. The matching Tees (£16.50) (€21) ($24.75) have the bright face of an animal on the front and it's behind on the back. Kids love them! And the crossover bags (£14.50) (€18.50) ($22.00) are just perfect for running around town with, also priced to make fabulous classmate gifts.

Click here to see the giraffe, fox and monkey styles.

Hello Shiso

Growing your little girl's fringe out? To keep your little girls hair from flying in her face, we've got the most beautiful collection of clips and baubles. All hand made, these are so dressy that mummy will want to pinch one from time to time. All the better for sharing. Ranging in price from £4.50-£16 (€5.75-€20) ($6.75-$24)

Click here to fall in love.


This exemplary French toy company makes wooden toys that last for generations of play! Like this Kubix Domino Set (£46) (€58) ($69) which is just perfect to get families into an activity. Great for a rainy day fun! And Billonimo a magnet tracing game which keeps kids entertained on long journeys in the car, trust me!

Click here for more brilliant wooden toys.

Crocodile Creek

These bestsellers flew out the window-- but we've just got a new shipment in. Crocodile Creek balls at £7 (€9) ($10) they make gorgeous presents for your children and friends. Check out the new Race Car styles! Plus old favourites like the Firetruck and Ballerina.

Click here for to see all the great designs the balls come in.


Lastly, make sure to check out our SALE. All spring, summer clothes has been reduced by up to 60% off the original price. If you have yet to take your sun lotion holiday or are hungering for more summer fashion... ranging from £10-£36 (€12.75-€46) ($15-$54) Some gorgeous clothes are still on offer, like this: 

Click here to see more, or here ;-)

xo Little Citizens Boutique ox

***Please note cost of items in Euros and Dollars is just a an estimate to be used as a guide, exact conversions will be made by your bank when payment is taken. Shipping to the UK normally takes 1-3 days, Europe 2-7 days and US 3-10 days.***


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