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The Secret to Raising Happy Kids

posted on January 11 2016

Around Christmas time, with the build up of Santa and family and friends gathering around my daughter's excitement reached fever pitch. She broke into a dancing fit, gritting her teeth in a huge smile with her head tilted up to the sky. She was a sight, I had never seen her so excited, so happy. It got me thinking about the confusing messages surrounding raising happy kids. Too much freedom and we put our kid's in danger and too little and they'll never learn to depend on themselves.

But what about her general optimism, day to day how do we make sure children see the bright side of life in years to come?

Happiness is a habit we have to form

Because when you say no. No. I said NO. And your little one gives you that face and all you want to do is to bring happiness to that face. We all struggle, do you cave in for some instant gratification or do you hold off teaching a deeper lesson? When does giving in mean a happier child and when does holding off mean a happier adult?

Amusement rides bring happiness to kids

Sometimes it's worth deferring to an expert. Dr. Laura Markham is not just a mom but she's also a trained Clinical Psychologist from Columbia University. Her blog Aha! Parenting is filled with great research and open minded parenting advice. She points to research that happiness is not about fleeting moments of getting what we want but rather a lot more complicated and a lot more rewarding.

We all want our kid's to be happy, but how to ensure they are is the holy grail of parenting, a mystery even to the savviest amongst us. Sometimes a grandparent drops a golden truth so if you are lucky enough to have a great grandparent around make sure to listen for their wisdom.

The great thing is to discover that yes you can dramatically increase your child's chances of being happy, just by the way you raise him or her. By helping them develop Happiness habits that help their emotional wellbeing. Read this amazing article here.


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