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Decorate with Colour

posted on January 27 2016

It's easy to stay with neutrals, greys are so in. Elephant's breath, London Clay and other beautiful tones that don't offend. Anyone. BUT I love colour, especially at this time of year when nature's grey skies do a fantastic job of making me feel totally washed out. So I reach for a bright pink lipstick, my secret weapon is called Cherries in the Snow by Revlon. It's really fabulous, a shade of fuchsia that cheers me up.

The same goes for interiors, here's little guide on decorating with colour.

It all started when the amazing team at We Are Scout got in touch recently, Lisa Tilse told me how she was on a mission to do a colourful mini makeover in her son Harry's bedroom so we sent them some bright coloured plates and toys. Look at the amazing job they did. I am tote-ally inspired.

We Are Scout how to decorate a children's room using lots of colour

There is some raw talent in making it all come together like this but the wonderful thing about Lisa is that she shares some top tips. Making it easy for the rest of us. Like, "I like adding round shapes to a wall, as it breaks up all of the vertical and horizontal lines in a room."

And why not find ways to display the wonderful illustrations like Helen Dardik plates or books on your child's wall. They can inform and decorate at the same time. We love a dual purpose!

Thank you to Lisa, Harry and the team at We Are Scout, if you haven't seen their design blog, I highly recommend it. 

The ABC's of shopping for bright interiors:

How to decorate using bright colours, a shopping guide

A. Animambo Bird Whistle, £6.50 (USD$10.25) | B. Plates by illustrator Helen Dardik, £6.50 (USD$10.25) | C. Balloon Garden Ball Cover by Djeco, £7.50 (USD$11.50). **please note US dollars are approximate as the currency exchange rate is likely to fluctuate**

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