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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

posted on February 01 2016

It's what's in the box that counts

High end toy and clothes boutique takes bold move to ship in recycled boxes- it's what's inside that counts!

In our online business we depend on boxes and packaging in a big way but from day one we knew we wanted to recycle as much of our waste as possible.

We're an online toy and clothes boutique. Some of our items are quite high end, collectable art and design toys, so presentation really matters. To a point. All our stock arrives in boxes. It doesn't make sense to discard these while bringing new boxes in to ship orders to our customers. We recycle all our boxes, they may not look as nice as new ones but they do the job while cutting down on waste and we feel great about it. Our competitors still use shiny new boxes but we make up for it by wrapping the order in gorgeous recyclable tissue and neon ribbon. We've even had customers tell us they love our neon ribbon so much they used in craft projects or made necklaces with them. We think it's what is on the inside that counts!

Recycling Boxes is a way of life for us over here at Little Citizens Boutique

How do we do it?

All incoming boxes are stripped of labels and excess tape. They are then checked for wear and tear. We need them to be robust enough to travel down the stairs, onboard vans, transferred to trucks, into containers or onto airplanes, past many ports, customs, security, lifted, chucked, handled sometimes halfway around the world. Once we are certain they'll hold up, we use tissue and bubble wrap to make sure item is securely packed. Taped up and ready to go the final touch is a little note on the outside of the box that says, I've been recycled! Or: Hi I'm Recycled, what's your name?

The Result

Customers have come back to us to say how much they appreciate the initiative. Meanwhile we've cut back on nearly all our waste, while also saving money on shipping supplies.



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