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Decopeques Blog calls us Hunters of Beauty

posted on February 22 2016

"Little Citizens has a sixth sense of childhood and is a hunter of beauty"

We LOVE being online, it means we get to connect with creative people around the world. Parenthood is the ultimate universal bond, regardless of culture, race or place. And being in the kid's space too, just like the internet they don't care about borders...

That is why when the journalist Luciana De Luca asked us if we'd like to feature in the very well known Spanish online magazine Decopeques, we couldn't resist. So brilliant to practice nuestro español and connect con las mamis del mundo habla hispana. Her article about Little Citizens and our company's founder is so beautifully written. She gets and explains our mission: Buy less and appreciate more. Seek and find beautiful things that will make great memories. Support independent unique design that is made with love and inspiration. And enjoy life with little one's celebrate their imagination and keep that inner kid alive into old age. Let's go. 

For more inspo, visit Luciana's own superb Emma y Rob. We'll let you in on a little secret, we trawl it often for product ideas. 

Unique Designer Toys at Little Citizens Boutique

Shop the Decopeques edit:

1. Topanimo House-- currently out of stock but check out our other great building toys

2. Hello Shiso Accessories

3. Woodland Dolls

4. Pippi Longstocking 

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