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TOYS, five pieces of advice to live by.

posted on May 09 2013


Here is an amazing article by Audrey Smit from This Little Street 

Toys toys toys. And more toys? Madeline’s birthday has just come and gone – and with that the recurring question that we get every time from friends and relatives “What does Madeline need?“, “what present should I get her?“. She got spoiled of course, but as parents we are left thinking: what does our little girls REALLY need? What do we want them to get out of their toys? Here are a few rules to live by we learned along the way:

1. Focus on quality over quantity. Despite what we think as parents, kids really don’t need that many toys. Living in New York City kind of puts an emphasis on that...
2. It’s not about academics. We don’t get hung up on toys that focus on teaching your kids colors, shapes, numbers etc, because we know that kids outgrow these toys in a blimp. Better you use every day experiences to teach...
3. Find toys that will grow with the child. We want toys that will last...
4. Keep the clutter at bay.   You decrease clutter, you increase a child’s attention and capacity for deep play...
5. Avoid toys that “do it all” for the child... more...

We 100% wholeheartedly agree! 
Sure we like to partner with like-minded bloggers. We love the feeling of our community online, around the world. Audrey is in NYC and I am in Northern Ireland. We're a small growing business and it's a great way to introduce ourselves to new people. 
But Audrey has blown us away, she's written an intelligent and insightful piece on a family's attitude on toys and we just LOVE the way she thinks. 
Thank you Audrey for the compliments, we're so proud to see your gorgeous daughter Madeline modelling our products. A very happy belated birthday to her! Next we'd love to see a video of her playing the guitar :-)

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