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Little Citizens Products in BABY & ME Magazine London

posted on June 05 2013

A Secret Education is what journalist Daniela Burnham calls learning through play. In a great article she's published in London's Baby and Me Magazine she talks about toys that develop cognitive learning. And we're so pleased that she lists some of our educational toys. Like the Planet World Playground Ball, Body Magnet Game and Sables Mask Kit. They are subtle, as in still fun, but also educational. It's a win win for everyone.

Here's a little excerpt:

From the day our children are born, we spend many hours observing their development, watching proudly as they reach new milestones. First smiles. First words. First steps. But sometimes, the unexpected moments of cognition can feel just as fulfilling. During a recent stroll...

Learning does not only take place at desks and in classrooms. “Children use all their senses to learn about the world,” says Dr Clare Henderson, clinical child psychologist. “Learning through play, interaction and exploration is essential to cognitive development. The more fun children have while they learn, the more they will focus their attention, the more information they will absorb, and the more inspired they will be to continue discovering new things.”

Classic wooden blocks and shape sorters still serve a valuable purpose, but today’s educational toys are impressive on a whole new level...

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