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Toys recommended for a two year old girl

posted on October 22 2013

Sometimes when you are looking for a present it can be a bit tricky to think of the right toy developmentally for toddlers. What are they into and what will keep their darting attention in one place for some time?

Here's a quick guide on picking a gift for a two year old girl. 


H2Whoa Drawing Board, £26 (app $38)

Whoa what is this?! A new drawing board by B. Toys that is so loved by toddlers. I've seen child after child pick this up in our store and play with it for ages. They have an innate fascination and go into a deep concentration watching the lines water pen leaves on the surface and then disappear. 


Smiley The Cow Pull-Along, £24 (app $32 USD)

At two they like to dawdle about and pull behind them a pull along. This gorgeous wooden Cow is called Smiley, her flower twirls while her hat bobs and she loves to be taken on walks ;-)


Metal Tea Set in Suit Case by Nathalie Lete, £34 (app $50 USD)

This Tea Set is officially recommended for children three years and up but under adult supervision I think it makes a great gift for a two year old girl. Already they get the concept of making drinks and having tea, along with adults and their teddy bears, it's a great game to play is an imaginary tea party.



Teddy Leopold by Moulin Roty, £32 (app $48 USD)

Speaking of Teddy Bears, if she doesn't yet have a favourite, this one is hands down the most adorable teddy we've ever seen:


Critter Veterinary Clinic, £35 (app $50 USD)

At two children love turning knobs, pressing buttons and trying to open things. This adorable Critter Clinic I think makes an excellent toy. It's got the doors and keys to engage kids with but also they can play vet and try to mend the little cat and dog back to health with all the doctor tools, so cute!


Poupée Alice, £39 (app $59 USD)

It's always nice to give an important doll, one that will remain in the life of your niece for a long long time. Possible she'll keep it to pass down to her kids or other loved ones. This Poupee by Moulin Roty is deluxe, beautiful to look at and to hold. All her clothes come off and you can buy her different outfits and a bed too.


Bunny & Mouse Wardobe, £48 (app $72 USD)

The Bunny& Mouse Wardrobe is an absolute gem of a gift. Toddlers might still be a little messy for it, maybe at three she would get more mileage out of dressing and undressing dolls, so while this is a great gift anytime it could also wait until next year. 


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