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A Weeknight at the Ballet with my Daughter

posted on November 09 2018

La Fille Mal Gardée Ballet at the Grand Opera House

What an amazing feeling to share something you love with a child you love and on a weeknight even. Cheeky. So she didn't finish all her homework and went to bed way past her bedtime, these are the moments we live for. Watching the glimmer in her eyes while she perched herself high up on top of a layer of coats, she wanted a better view, made me feel absolutely weightless. Like I was soaring in the grand jeté of happiness. 

La Fille Mal Gardée is a comedy and it is hilarious, I was amazed at the way the characters could be funny and graceful at the same time. I mean this was really, really technical ballet with a goofy, slapstick sense of humour. Hats off to the performers who were amazing. It's an easy story to enjoy for all ages too, a widow is trying to marry her daughter off to a wealthy landowner's son, meanwhile her daughter is in love with another. The wealthy son is an eccentric character, his dances as he tries to court the young farmer girl made me think of me and my friends when we, 'dance like we've never danced before'. Still he managed to pull some of the best wiggly over the top shapes I have ever seen. Meanwhile the romantic dancing between the young farmer and her boyfriend are so beautiful, you could hear the audience collectively sigh. For laughter there are also dancing chickens and a clog dancing tap set that has to be seen to be believed. 

If you can, go and see it for yourself and bring your favourite little person!! Show is on until 10th November in Belfast. For tickets and more information click here. Thanks to our lovely partners at NI4Kids, you guys are the greatest. 

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