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How to play with a Grimm's Wooden Rainbow you ask?

posted on June 01 2017

All the RAVE this Wooden Rainbow Toy is the best forever toy

There are so many ways to play with this simple looking wooden rainbow shape. Peel the colour arches away to reveal cool wooden abstract shapes that can be stacked, balanced or set side by side in a million different ways. From tunnels to bridges to boats just by turning the arch one way or another reveals a new idea.

Kid's will immediately get it.

The openness is so enriching, really tapping into the way the brain of a little one works. They aren't hard wired yet. And for adults it's great practice in lateral thinking. Throw the rules out the window and let your sense of touch and exploration lead the way.

Please send us your pictures so we can add them to our ever expanding Rainbow Gallery below. 




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