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An interactive Heart Drawing Activity for your Valentine ❤

posted on February 05 2019

Back and forth Heart Mandala

Heart Drawing Mandala Art Activity for Valentines Day

This super easy interactive art project is great to do en famille and close to Valentine's day. After all it's all about hearts and appreciating the love we share. It's so easy to do while sitting at the kitchen table with your little one. A blank sheet and any type of writing utensil. Something like these Djeco Gel Pens would be really fun. 

You start with a small heart in the middle of the page, then the next person makes a slightly large heart. You can be creative and add doodles, colour, patterns.. to make it unique to you and your little one. The next person takes a turn adding another layer of heart and you go on until you both agree that is it done. Presto. A heart mandala. And all the while you were meditating on the love you share. 


In the spirit of Exquisite Corpse the drawing game, where you take turns drawing and folding over the canvas so the next person has no idea. The reveal builds up so much suspense. It's always great fun to see the final product. 

Heart Mandala Art Activity for Valentines Day




Step One :: The first person starts by drawing a small heart in the center of the page.

Step Two :: The second person adds a layer to the heart drawing, with another heart or some sort of design element around the first.

Step Three :: Continue back and forth until both parties decide that the heart is complete.

Also from the amazing blog that is The Artful Parent here is a list of 30 different craft ideas for Valentines Day. 

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