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Answers for Kids ☔ Where does Rain come from?

posted on March 20 2017

Simple ways to answer kid's complex questions

Where does Rain come from?

Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids (and parents) how it rains.

I knew this day would come--when my kid would ask me a question that I just don't know how to answer. In particular I am totally stumped by the nature questions. How does it rain, um, clouds cry?

Luckily I discovered this super clear and lovely experiment that you can do with your kids to teach you and them where rain comes from. 

Basically you take a jar put some boiling water inside. Put some ice in a paper bowl that put on top and sit and watch the condensation that forms between the hot and cold air--raindrops will appear before your very eyes. 

What a great way to learn! Thanks Allison from Play Learn Imagine. For detailed instructions and to check out her amazing blog click here.

Making it rain in a jar, an easy experiment to teach kids and parents how it rains.

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