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Are you curious about the development stages that your child is going through?

posted on February 07 2019

Here is an easy way to follow your child's progress & get tips to apply to their different stages

As a parent I have been hand held by the amazing emails from Baby Center. Confirming or questioning the different things my daughter is doing as she grows and develops. Right now they tell me she is learning what is right and wrong by observing us!

I entered my details when I was pregnant nine years ago. Through the years I have received emails telling me comparing the size of the embryo to a pea and then onto a mango. I have learned that there is no normal time for a child to learn to walk. That skipping the crawling stage doesn't mean a deficiency. Sounds that are harder to make have been identified. Tips on how to help kids with sharing, separation anxiety and waking through the night have all landed in my inbox in and around the time these ideas were relevant. I have loved the newsletter subscription. 

Today my daughter is 8 and 3/4s and today's newsletter made me nervous giggle alarmed. Super interesting thought to consider all my more devious tendencies are an example to her better start curving them! LOL.

It says this, "Your child is noticing every aspect of your behavior – even things you might not be proud of. For example, if you receive too much change but don't correct the cashier. Or if you pick something up off a shelf, decide against buying, and fail to put it back in its proper place. These failings may seem small, but they reflect your values and character and signal to your child what's okay and what's not.

More examples of behaviors that don't seem "bad" but that you may not want your child to pick up: procrastination, leaving a mess (dirty dishes in the sink, unmade bed), being late, driving too fast, and making rude comments about other people."

If you like me, enjoy having an outside gauge on what in the world is going on with children then I can't recommend enough this amazing service. It's free and not salesly at all. 

kids learn by watching their parents

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