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Art Kits & Pom Pom Crafting Toys for Kids

posted on July 22 2016

I have the fondest memories of my childhood summers making arts and crafts. And if Djeco was around when we were little we would have been SO delighted. Djeco's art kits are totally amazeballs for adults and children alike. They are designed by individual artists, the colours and quality of the supplies is excellent, the instructions totally clear and in the end, after you've invested some very enjoyable elbow grease you get a gorgeous result. Worthy of a great gift to a lovable friend or of adorning any wall.. like this Breloque POM POM kit.

Djeco Pom Pom DIY activity for wall hanging

So easy and so fun, this pom pom craft set by Djeco brings everything you need to enjoy a special day with you kids.

Step 1.

Go to beach and collect drift wood or nearby park and find a fallen branch. 

Step 2.

Find a cozy corner, take the supplied kit and all you need to add to it is a pair of scissors

Step 3.

Follow pom pom making instructions which are easy as the kit contains a special magnetic donut that makes super fluffy and round pom poms.

Step 4.

Marvel at how your children easily follow the visual instructions. We love that Djeco make it universal with pictorial steps. 

Step 5.

Demonstrate the principles of pom pom making and soon you'll see how your kiddies can do it themselves. So what if it's a little messier than yours? Let them have a go and watch their chest puff up with pride.

Step 6.

Make the easy tassels and bead these onto the pom poms, along with the supplied beads.

Step 7.

Attach to wooden stick and hang on wall


Your kids and you will be sooo super soo impressed, to have something made by their own hands, good looking to boot, helping to decorate their room.

Breloques Pom Pom Djeco Set, £13.50

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