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Baby's First Christmas ♡ Gift & Ideas Guide

posted on December 01 2016

The best toys for Baby's First Christmas, memorable, momentos, keepsakes, gorgeous quality gifts forever.

What do you buy your baby for their first Christmas?

This year has been a life changing one, suddenly there's a little bundle to look after. Christmas is around the corner and you have no idea what to buy.

What do they need? Will they remember it? You trace back through your family traditions. Christmas is about to take on a whole new meaning but what does Santa mean when you haven't even started walking yet. Lots of thoughts swirling around in a new parents head. One advantage is that if this is your first baby then you can still ward off the INSTA-clutter that comes with having kids.

The most important piece of advice we give new families is Less is More. Invest in toys that will stand the test of time, they don't have to be expensive they just have to be good. Remember 90% toy and 10% child. Think about toys that match a child's stage of development and that can adapt the style of playing through more than one stage.

A great thing to give is something that looks beautiful that will add joy to their bedroom. That they'll grow up looking at and over the years you can tell them, do you know who gave you this favourite teddy? Your Grandpa Bob did. Think of products that won't quickly be forgotten, that can become part of the furniture. Decorative, entertaining, useful, this is what we're always adding to our curated selection. Products that will be treasured and not forgotten. 

On that note, we organised a little gift guide with inspiring ideas for a Baby's First Christmas. Hope you like it... and Happy Christmas!




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