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Best Fidget Spinner Tricks & Videos from Around the Web

posted on May 17 2017


We've compiled the best videos from around the web so you don't have to. Learn to do the finger swap, magnetic and magic tricks, deconstruct them for various new styles of play, stacking tricks and world records. Click on the videos below. 

At LCB we're selling some of the more unique versions like the light up LED version that create very cool patterns and the Batman style that make great props for lovers of superhero gadgets.

What's cool is that there's also some science behind how they work. My daughter keeps asking me which ones spins faster the heavier ones or the lighter ones. We'll need to conduct some experiments to find out.

Ball bearings is what keeps the spinners pinning, harnessing gyroscopic action and allow the user to spin the mechanism between their fingers. Nice! Because of this some kids and young adults have created some impressive tricks that are truly hypnotic. 

Take your fidget spinning play to the next level with these great tricks for beginners. They do take a while to master but they really teach you about balance and weight. Get ready for co-ordination. 

This Guy takes fidget spinner tricks to the next level and includes some magic. His magnetic trick really had me in awe, I had a million guesses running through my head until he revealed his secret. 

Here are some advanced tricks. I thought the beginners tricks were impressive, but this guy is truly skilled in his hand, eye and knee co-ordination!


This guy is trying to teach his mom some tricks the video below. You can see its a great way to bond with your child as well as learning new tricks for yourself. You never know when these skills could come in handy :)

And if you're really ambitious and mastered all these tricks, why not try to bet the world record and stack 16 spinners on top of one another, that doesn't sound like much right? Check out the video below and see how hard it actually is. 



Using your hands and senses for play is one of our favourite antidotes to screen syndrome. Here are some more toys in that vein--- because manual dexterity improve mental dexterity!


fumble fingers for fidgeting kidsFidgeting toys to get kids to play with their hands hand held toys for fidgeters



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