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Godparent Gift Guide - What to give a Godchild

posted on October 07 2017


Being named a little one's godparents is one of the loveliest honours in the world.  It's humbling and a privilege and you might wonder, 'what can I offer this child?'

That's why we put together this practical guide. A godparents responsibilities aren't always clear. Here's some ideas on what to give your godchild, easy pleasers for you, them and the family that you so much love:

1) Words of wisdom

Always appreciated. Show them that you have their best interests at heart with wise words of advice and inspiration. From cards to poems to books, it is every godparent's job to help find language that will accompany a child through their lives. Look for quotes from Winnie the Pooh and The Little Prince, you'll find class, universal and beautiful truths that are easy to connect with.

2) Time

Make time to spend with your godchild. These will be incredibly important to gleam what they look and how they are growing so that you can better support them as they get older. Take them somewhere they don't normally go. A godparent's job should be to expand their horizons. Share your passions with them, they'll appreciate getting to know new worlds. My godfather is a photographer and I am 100 per cent sure he's the inspiration behind my love for photography and design. 

3) Long lasting gifts

When it comes to a special birthday or a rite of passage, think of marking the time with a special gift. Something that will last and stick around. Years down the line that items starts to take on a patina of love, a meaningful connection between the godparent and the godchild.

Shop our guide below of special gifts for godchildren everywhere:


best godparent gifts

1. Wooden Rainbow By Grimm's - Small £15, Medium £28, Large £64

2. My First Wooden Toolbox by Moulin Roty - £42 

3. 3 in 1 Classic Games by Tobar - £25

4. We are Family by Patricia Hegarty and Ryan Wheatcroft - £11

5. Classic Ride-On Car, Red by Vilac - £99

6. Baby Keepsake Treasure Box, Yellow by Moulin Roty - £30.50

7. Duck Safety Baby Bath Bathtub by Munchkin - £18  

8. Popipop Teepee by Moulin Roty - £154

9. Sparkling Mandala Beautiful Wooden Puzzle by Grimm's - £102

10. My Little Rocking Horse by DouDou - £100 

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