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Best Toys for a Two Year Old

posted on May 10 2017

Matching the right toys to the development stage of a two year old

A Toddler Gift Buying and Play Guide

By the time a child reaches the age of two they are so full of energy, enthusiasm and exploration that as an adult, we can feel both enthralled by it and perhaps a little exhausted also. And it's growth spurt a go go around this age too. Not just physically but emotionally, socially, cognitively and creatively. In a nutshell, they've got it ALL going on!


But how do we harness and direct our little one's energies to best help them learn broadly and grow beautifully? How do we encourage and support their curiosity and naturally inquisitive natures? How do we help them develop their new found skills and at the same time remain sensitive to their growing appetite for independence?
I've put a list of toys and suggestions together for your terrific two year old enfant terribles and here's hoping you like what you read.

I wanna to get physical 

Check out our fabulous collection of pull along toys. Designed to encourage exercise, co-ordination and independence, they also give children the opportunity to nurture, care and take responsibility. We love the use of colour and texture in all of these pull alongs and their durability means they can be handed on from one child to the next for years to come. 
Red pull along toy by DjecoTurtle pull along toy by DjecoPeter Rabbit pull along toy

Rain and sun gives us rainbows

One of our firm favourites here at LCB has got to be the large wooden rainbow by Grimms. Beautifully crafted and an absolute joy to handle these are designed to grow with your child. It's an aesthetic delight for any shelf but the real allure comes from the countless ways in which you can play, build and create with it. Add small world people, like these captivating Grimms Dwarf Dolls, and and you're off in a different dimension of play; the possibilities are endless and we love the creative, cognitive, social and emotional opportunities that this one toy offers. 

Grimms rainbow toy for childrens developmentDwarf toys by Grimm's

l can make things

What better way to encourage artistic expression than with these chunky sidewalk chalks by Moulin Roty? The perfect size for little hands, these colourful and robust chalks are simply screaming out to be used on every pavement all over town.  This type of activity allows children to express themselves in a non verbal way whilst conventional forms language and communication can still be a challenge and frustration.  And chalk drawings are always such joy to see........

Chalk by Moulin RotyChalk by Moulin RotyChalk by Moulin Roty

Come on make some noise!

Ok, so it's a guitar but the principle is the same. Children love music and get an innate sense of gratification from making and copying sound. Not only is this guitar, illustrated by Nathalie L'ete, a pleasure to look at, it also has a lovely sound. It can be tuned and comes with a couple of extra strings, allowing for the even most budding of young musicians to really get their twang on. We can't think of a better way to encourage children to explore and develop a deeper relationship with music, so would the next Mark Knopfler please stand up?!  

Beautifully design children's guitar

Peekaboo, peepo and turn key triumphs

Children will love this gorgeous Melissa and Doug house with a different doorbell and key for each door. The satisfaction comes from finding the right key for the right door and then bringing the whole thing to life by role playing with the darling wooden characters. We're just loving their woolly hair, delightful outfits and little rosy cheeks! We're also enjoying the bold and colourful illustrations on the house and recognising the value in the gentle introduction to numbers and counting. 
Doorbell house toy for children's development

Read me one more story

We know it's never too early to start reading to our children and here at LCB we have a wonderful selection of carefully chosen books to inspire and captivate. One of my particular favourites is 'The High Street' by Alice Melvin; a charming and beautifully illustrated lift the flap book about the type of shops you'll find on a traditional high street. A fun and frolicsome exploration of rhythm, theme and vocabulary, sure to engage young and old minds and hearts.
Lift flap book to engage children in books
We hope you have enjoyed our introduction to just some of the enchanting things you will find here at LCB. We believe that for children to thrive they need to be given the freedom to explore, create, express, think independently. So, take that walk, build that den, enjoy that priceless art work, discuss that book and embrace that piece of music! Create a happy and inviting play space wherever it may be and most fundamentally, enjoy. It's a cliche to say that children aren't little for long but I know I'm not alone in vouching for the fact that this particular cliche has soooooo much truth in it.

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