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Bizarre Toy Alert! Bath in Slime or Gel

posted on October 08 2018

Swimming in Zimpli Kids Gel Baff

You’ll never guess what she’s swimming in?!!!! This is a new product at LCB, a gel bath by Zimpli Kids and we just had to try it. Zulema was over the moon like almost as good as going to the Water Park this summer. Total sensory adventure in your very own house. You add powder to water and stir with your hand and get this strange beaded gel effect. Then when its clean up time you add a second powder and watch the gel turn to liquid. It’s weird chemical magic that is 100% safe for kiddies, non irritant and safe for our planet and drains. Weird but true. Even schools are using these and they out products through some very stringent tests. Verdict: your kid will LOVE these!!


Ever wondered what it feels like to immerse yourself into a tub of slime? With their gel, slime, snow, glitter potions these Zimpli Kids kits are the perfect sensory immersion toys. 

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