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Celestial Edit - Toys that Inspire a Natural Curiosity about Space

posted on March 16 2017

Toys to Inspire Curiosity about Space

Toys to inspire a love for space - The Celestial Edit

If I wake up in the middle of the night is the sun out? 

You can't walk on the moon when it's not full, because you would fall off.

Today is yesterday's tomorrow, is that right mum?

These are some of the actual things my daughter has said about space. I LOVE hearing kid's explore the world around them. And still as adults we benefit from the awe and wonder of the universe. I mean have you seen Laniakea: Our home supercluster ?

This video is worth watching ---love moons, stars and clouds--- share it with your kids and discover the vastness of where we live. You will be in awe of what a tiny speck we actually are. Inspire them to think big and small and to always be full of wonder with toys and ideas about space.

Shop our celestial theme here.

Meet the world's first African American Woman boarding NASA's International Space Station here.

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