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Compilation Best Christmas Adverts in 2016 - All in One Place

posted on November 18 2016

Compilation of 2016’s Best Christmas Adverts  

Sometimes even the big brands like John Lewis and Marks and Spencer get the spirit of Christmas, and their adverts are a stroke of storytelling masterpiece. Christmas adverts or commercials have become such a big thing, like the modern day equivalent of the storefront window displays. Liberty eat your heart out! Just joking. We worship at the altar of Liberty.
Can we recommend a box of tissues, some popcorn, a little family member and prepare to feel the glory of family and love. 
We’ve compiled our list of the best Christmas Adverts 2016 all in one place. We’re taking a vote too. Which one is your favourite and why? After Christmas is over we’ll pick one of the replies and give the winner a £30 gift card. So come on peeps share your ideas in the comments below!

1. John Lewis

2. Aldi

3. Marks & Spencer

4. Sainsburys


5. Waitrose

6. Lidl 

7. Heathrow Airport 


Did we miss any? Let us know your favourites in the comments below and we'll pick a £30 gift card winner.


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