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Cool Moms and Dads on Instagram to follow

posted on August 18 2016

The ubiquitous camera has brought out the photographer in all of us and Instagram is celebrating the talented amongst us. Some moms and dads have the most beautiful collection of images. Here's some of our favourites, who else is worth following? Please leave recommendations below as we hope to be adding to this baby all the time. 



Just down the road from where our shop is in Northern Ireland lives Claire. Her Instagram feed palette is like an ice cream counter on a summer day. Full of pastels and whites, we simply L O V E her styling. Her kid's are gorgeous and she has super great taste in toys and decor.

kawaiigirl79 Instagram feed is like walking into an ice cream shop full of beautiful pastel colours.


Tamara is an Australian expat mummy living in Bahrain and under that strong sun she captures a real beauty of place. Amazing graphic angles and nuances look at what it's like to be an expat in a faraway place.

@arabiansunsine best instagram cool mom we love to follow


Jessica Reed Kraus posts daily snapshots of life raising four boys (four boys!) in SoCal. And she's the editor of the wonderful tender, heartbreaking and brave The Mabooks.

Houseinhabit Instagram cool mom feed, lovely photos of her boys


For a little high fashion inspo there's no one better than this self proclaimed #rockmom. June Ambrose might be the most well-dressed goofball on Instagram but what's perfectly clear is that she's having a whole load of fun inspiring people. Featured in The Glow's first book An Inspiring Guide to Motherhood. Here. Here.

@JuneAmbrose Instagram


A very personal favourite because founder Alicia lived with Jason eons ago in Burlingon, Vermont is this Instagram account. These days Jason and hubby live in NYC, both have fabulously well heeled jobs and get to frolic around some of the world's most beautiful places with their photogenic kids in tow. Not only are they all gorgeous but the light, the set ups and the humour are totally one of a kind. We dream of publishing their coffee table book one day.

Jason Oranzo and family gorgeous dads and kids on Instagram


Miss James is co founder of Mothermag, cool mom blog and the beautifully curated online store Twoson. In her personal Instagram account there are tender moments of family life and love.

Founder of Mothermag's beautiful Instagram feed, family photos are divine.


Charlie and Andy are two of Instragram's favourite dads. There posts will fill your Instagram feed with parenting tips from their blog howtobeadad, while making you laugh out loud. We want to meet these cool dads!



This nomad family of 4 traveling around South America by van. Their simple off the beaten track life will inspire you to think anything is possible while their photography will simply astound you. Prepare to while away hours on this one.

Amazing photography on Our Open Road, family traveling around South America.


We had to feature a couple in here somewhere. Aubrey is the husband of Miss James from @bleubird and we love following them both. Their 4 kids are adorable and its always interesting to see how they bring their own perspectives to parenthood. Mom and Dad teaming up for two beautiful Instagram accounts.

@aubreymccoy Instagram


This supermodel and wife of Russian billionaire is super so popular and take your breath away gorgeous. I am sure you all are already following her but did you know that she's put this influence to great use? And founded the first global Instagram charity auction.

The top model Lena's Instagram with her children is eye watering beautiful


Don't miss our very own Instagram account where we're spending more and more time these days. Make sure to give us a follow and leave your account deets below so we can follow you back :-) See ya in Insta!

Little Citizens boutique Instagram account documenting life with fun toys and kids interior design

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