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Creating a landscape for Cuddlebots by Hexbugs to Roam

posted on June 23 2017

We have always loved Hexbug toys, they squirm and move and are totally awesome. We are in awe of their technology and design. The newest version can climb up tubes and turn themselves over. Like. Whoa. Makes you wonder where this technology will be when our kids have kids and their kids have kids? Mixing robotics with DNA? Tails growing back? Antennas that detect other bots. Bot-pitals on Mars?Just amazing. 

Anyway, Hexbugs today have also launched a toy for little ones. Recommended for 18 months and up, the Bumble Bees and Dragonfly Cuddlebots are squishy and clever. They swoosh around flat surfaces, turn and when they bump into walls they correct themselves and find a way forward again.

We've had so much fun in the store building landscapes with the Grimm's Rainbow, little tunnels and obstacle courses to see where Freddy the Cuddlebot goes. Absolutely guaranteed good times. 

Freddy the Firefly Hexbug in action...


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