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Curious Parenting Weekly Digest V

posted on May 24 2017



Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh

1. Ever wonder what Learning and Sex have in common when it comes to unschooling? Me neither. But this essay by the wonderful Carol Black and her husband Neal Marlens (co-creators of the TV Show The Wonder Years) makes the best case for why we should think of them of absolutely similar.

unschooling your children

A hilarious read about Unschooling that will make you laugh and think. Carol is a figure at the head of the alternative education movement. Says she wrote this because she has difficulty explaining to people the concept of unschooling. Read the essay and when you sub in the word learning for sex your entire life plan might just fall on its knees. In fact just reading this article makes you exercise another part of your brain. Now-- would YOU unschool your children?


2. Fending Off Math Anxiety, new study reported in the New York Times proves it's a widespread phenomena

Fending Off Math Anxiety

Do you have maths anxiety? In my high school there was an alternative Math class taught by Dave. Yep, he went by his first name and his famous egg story preceded him. Non-math-y types loved his class because he made numbers tell stories. Being a great storytelling he made maths easy. This article gave me a great insight into the problem of maths anxiety all around the world. Did you know anxiety can start as early as the pre-school years and there are some simple math exercises we can do with our kiddies to make sure they learn to love the subject as much as Dave's students did.


3. Neuroscience shows that our gut instincts about only children are right

Neuroscience shows that our gut instincts about only children are right

If you like me have only one child you will find this interesting. Through the years, you may have heard the words, "that poor child" insinuating they will grow lonely without siblings and never learn how to fit in. Recent studies conducted at the Southwest University in Chongqing, China reveal how only children score higher IQ marks and achieve more, but aren’t markedly different personality to those with siblings. Through behavioural test and brain scans, this article gives us the bare scientific facts on how siblings may change the architecture of our brains but ultimately aren't that different. Oh pfeu!


4. How to be truly Happy. Turns out it's not just an algorithm but an inspiring method to make dealing with life much easier. 

Chief Business Officer at Google, Mo Gawdat research was into happiness. But when his son died suddenly while on holiday with him. His hypothesis was really put to the test. Gawdat's wisdom is so inspiring, it has to do with reality and expectation, "the truth is this glass is 2/3rds full. It doesn't matter how you look at it. It is 2/3rd's full. We're taught to be critical.. but the truth is the truth. Happiness is not about what the world gives you it's about what you think about what the world gives you". Highly recommend learning from this man.


5. Why Finland has the best education by the man in irons, Michael Moore.

Finland secret to success

This documentary by Michael Moore looks at how education is approached around the world. Finland's approach --they do not have homework-- is particularly interesting and very forward thinking. Their track record demonstrates it's working, they are considered the top students in the world. 


6. Women Who Continued to Do What They Usually Do While Pregnant

Women Who Continued to Do What They Usually Do While Pregnant

So Serena Williams was around eight weeks pregnant when she won the Australian Open in January? The list of achievements women have gained while pregnant is incredible. Fight pilot, war correspondent, Olympics volleyball tournament, marathons... At first I really enjoyed reading this article but then I thought, wait-- how many women stop what they were doing when they were pregnant, would this list be shorter? There are times we have no choice to work or not to, but it is a nice reminder of how much women are able to carry on their shoulders or in their tummies, life goes on while a little life grows inside the womb one day at a time.


7. Mother carries baby without brain full term to donate newborn's organs

Mother carries baby without brain full term to donate newborn's organs

This story is both inspiring and heartbreaking. This family decided to continue with a pregnancy despite the fact their baby had no brain in order to donate her organs to other babies in need. Its amazing to see how a family tragedy is a blessing for others. The courage and selflessness and the love between them. Makes you want to be a better person.

8. Talking to Your Child After You Yell

Talking to your child after you yell

Do you ever yell at your child and instantly regret it? The Wall Street Journal thinks we are yelling more and more. Yelling in and of itself (luckily) isn't too damaging, it's what we say when we yell. Some good tips to talk about yourself rather than your child when you are angry. Like, "I get really upset when you don't help me clear up because I feel like I am doing everything around here", instead of, "You are no help, good for nothing." 


9. 10 Insights of Remarkable Parents from a Family Therapist

child development and the many theories

 has been a family therapist for 12 years and has collected insights over the years about what behaviour contributes to healthy child development. Her insights are coupled with brain and behavioural research provide some great tips into great parenting. Two of our favourites that at Little Citizens we really believe in is giving your children plenty of unstructured playtime and be aware of developmental stages.


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