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Curious PARENTING a weekly digest II

posted on August 17 2016



Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh


What if kids started school at age 7 rather than 4 or 5?

Author of books on Play makes a public plea to find and publish research and examples of great practice that show to the public at large that it is an imperative to let children grow with the best resources from 0-7 and they will then be truly "school ready". With the help of parents, this could become a reality.


Lulla Doll: The toy that helps babies sleep

By playing the real life recording of the heart beat and smell of a mum’s breathing and heartbeat, this dolls helps stabilise babies stabilise breathing and heartbeat and lulls them to sleep. Sold out everywhere! We love that this is based on solid research and will of course be trying to bring these dolls into our store.


Are you a sleep deprived parent?

Read this beautifully written and very funny A to Z roundup. It's about all we can muster on little sleep. That, coffee and chocolate biscuits, right?


Did you know that babies are in fact geniuses?

Did you know toddlers learn, on average, five new words every day, or that babies are born with 300 bones while adults have 206. Check out more facts that will blow your mind here


4 practical ways to nurture your child's brain

Some toys are better than others for your baby's brain. Here's a few ways you can help you baby's development based on hard Rat science (of course!).


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