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Curious Parenting Weekly Digest III

posted on November 17 2016


Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh


1. Studies Say Children Get Their Intelligence From Their Mum

A mixture of Yes! and Oh Oh went through my mind when I read this headlines. One thing I think of is how often our scientific studies disprove former theories-- but in the meantime Yes! and Oh Oh. 

'A mother's genetics determine how clever her children are, according to researchers, and the father makes no difference. Women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes to their children because they are carried on the X chromosome and women have two of these, while men only have one.'

Mums video

2. How to Parent like the Obamas

"One thing that’s so striking about B + M is their commitment to spending quality time together with family" and other life lessons from the First Family of the United States.

Obama family photo

3. Seven Ways to Play With Magna Tiles

If you aren't familiar with the amazing Magna Tiles then keep reading. These are hands down the best building toy, totally open ended play, you can start by matching shapes and introducing corners and sides and other fun geometric concepts. Remember learning is fun when it's done right! Here's a great little article that inspires us with even more idea of how to play with these, there are a million ways. And check out our Magna Tile Gallery, we love it when customers send us pictures and we've posted them here.

'Any toy, construction or otherwise, that captures my kids’ imagination day after day after day for over a month is brilliant. (I know many parents would agree with that assessment.) And it’s not just my kids, but every kid who comes to our house.' Shop Magna tiles here.

Magna Tiles

4. Toys Aren’t Just for Kids, watch this Armadillo and his favourite pink toy.

Some people are into animal videos, this one's for you!


5. Forget Flashcards, Give Your Kids Sticks

How much do we agree with this? SO much!

'How do children learn; and how can their environment help or hurt that process? The answer to both may lie in the first years of our lives. Casey Lew-Williams is on the faculty at Princeton University and co-Director of the Princeton Baby Lab. He talks to us about the best ways to support children’s growth, the impact of poverty on early learning, and why the most sophisticated educational toys are often less effective than simply playing, talking, singing, and cuddling.'

kids play

6. Playhouses that are Cooler than Your House

Have a look because it's nice to dream and in some cases say, they did what?

'Ready for the ultimate open house? From custom creations by master craftsmen to diminutive DIY dwellings built by some very talented moms and dads, we’ve gathered together an assortment of playhouses that will have your little homemakers begging to stay outdoors. Go ahead…take a peek. No appointment necessary.'


7. Aaron Sorkin’s letter to his daughter after Donald Trump becomes president 

He wrote West Wing and then he wrote a letter to his daughters, in the wake of the US presidential elect Donald Trump getting into the White House, he says, "fight, stand up and get involved."

Sorkin letter to daughter

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