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Curious PARENTING Weekly Digest VI

posted on December 02 2017



Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh


1. Louboutin has designed his first pair of ADORABLE baby shoes! 

So...designer baby footwear? What to think? This collaboration between Gwyneth Paltrow's brand Goop and Christian Louboutin has resulted in possibly the cutest shoes for teeny people ever made.  You might be interested in how much these shoes-for-pixies cost ( £188, anyone?), and how quickly your baby will grow out of them (one month? Three?) but, hey, those are mere practicalities in the face of such beauty in miniature...

louboutin baby shoes


2. 90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Turns Small Village Into Her Art Gallery By Hand-Painting Flowers On Its Houses

Our wish is that when we're 90, we'll be as inspirational as Anežka Kašpárková . She's the Czech artist (and grandmother) who is responsible for turning Louka, her home town, into a canvas for her painting. Using designs that are traditionally Moravian, Anežka has transformed her environment, reimagining it to give space for more beauty.  That's what we call living!


90 year old grandma paints small village


3. Knitting with your arms?! You've got to see this!

Um! OK! So, for the uninitiated, it is possible to knit with your arms. (Check the date - it's not April 1st - keep reading.) Courtesy of many online DIY videos, we can see that this concept is entirely possible, and indeed, it looks like you can arm-knit (!) some beautiful things in under an hour. . Our main practical question: given that arm knitting means effectively tying both arms together with wool, what happens if you get interrupted by a small person who needs you to do something? Maybe  new enthusiasts should relegate it to a post-children's bedtime activity...


knitting with your arms


4. Not every child is an A grade student. Why we must not let B/C/D be shameful.

We're liking this frank and honest post from ALICEWILDENUMBER5 about homework and school grades. She has a good point about the happiness of children versus an education system that is increasingly focussed on making sure all children get top grades. Can everyone get all As? Should they? And if we think they shouldn't, how do we educate our children to feel good about themselves even if they don't?

Not every child is an A grade student. Why we must not let B/C/D be shameful.



We can all agree that our lives are perfect, right? Just take a look at our Instagram, our Facebook, our tweets, our...home at 7am? Um, not the last one, please. Everyone knows that curating the public profile of our own lives is now a norm, but what's fascinating is how the concept of motherhood is being branded by influencers on social media. What's real, and what's not?



6. Third Grader Pens Epic Poem On Feminism And Twitter Is Dying Over It

If you want feminism in a nutshell, we'd like to direct you to this poem that recently went viral. A third grader (aged around 7-9) is said to have written it, and we dare you not to well up when you read it. Or feel empowered. Over here at Little Citizens, we're planning on making it our mantra!


Third Grader Pens Epic Poem On Feminism And Twitter Is Dying Over It


7. Love 120 Meters High

Getting married can be scary. Is it because of the commitment, you ask? Or is it  because some people say their vows balancing on a net hanging over thing air, 120 meters of sky between you and the ground. Maybe it's that. Let's just say it's made us think differently about the idea of walking on air...


Love 120 meters high.

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