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Dad puts crying newborn to sleep with OM

posted on April 29 2017

Daniel Eisenman's video has gone viral. We've all been there trying our best to soothe a crying baby and nothing seems possible, so to watch this dad simple chant and Om and the baby so quickly fall into it's trance is just amazing. The way this father gives his heart over and the baby connects into the reverberation of sound and relaxes into sleep.

When little babies arrive they seem to arrive from outer space, they're getting used to being separate entities. They were once a part of their mother and now space and air is all around them. The sounds and sites and feeling is entirely new and a lot of coaxing love helps them learn to be alive here beside us.

The sound of Om represents the entire universe in Hinduism and yoga. The sound is meant to connect us into the energy force of life itself. Never has it seemed so true as in this video. How naturally the baby connects to the sound and let's itself drift off to sleep. Maybe a few hashtags but no rehearsals that's for sure.


If you want to learn how to elongate your Om there are entire workshops dedicated to it-- but you could start with this article on mastering om where they break down the Om into syllables —A-U-M-silence bridging from one to another. 

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